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​​​​​​IT Band Syndrome Anatomy Investigation

#itb #glutes #hamstrings #quads She saw the finish line! Unfortunately, it was mile 11 of a 13.1 mile half marathon, and the last two miles went inland and then back to the coast. The already exhausted runner contemplated hopping the fence to take a shortcut through the grass. Except – there might be snakes in […]

Fuel Supply to Muscles in Normal, Stress and Starvation Modes

The middle seat. The people in the aisle seats try to avoid eye contact with you in the hopes that the vacant middle seat will not get filled. I chose a middle seat near the front of the plane. PHX:DTW will take 5 hours. I crawled over a large, elderly lady and sat next to […]

Hidden Fibers of the Deep Gluteus Maximus

He was still in the saddle, but the horse was flipped on her back. The mare had entered the arena with the crowd’s expectation that she’d win a third event that day. But the opponent, a single cow, was spooked by the flash of a man standing up in a bucking chute right next to […]

Muscle Rebalancing Meditation for Hamstrings and Quadriceps

Find a comfortable and safe place to lay face up, as flat as you can. This meditation is to encourage deep back muscles to stretch and relax in order to decrease pressure on the nerves along the sides of spinal segments. It is especially useful for people with balance issues and for those whose knees […]

Are Meridians Real?

After my very first week of massage school in April of 2003, it was obvious which half of the class was training for energy work and which was studying the science of anatomy for sports massage – I was in this second group. When the teacher announced that we would be spending eight hours on […]

The Nervous System: A Functional Perspective

I walked into the house and saw him. His hair was standing on end as if he’d been hit by a bolt of lightning. The chaotic electricity in his body had been causing tremors day and night for more than five years, but he’d noticed the chalk quivering in his hand at the board some […]