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Muscle Group Rebalancing after Tendon Realignment

Vocabulary Ligament attaches bone to bone; strong, crisscross pattern; stabilizes joint Tendon attaches muscle to bone; straight fibers; communicates movement direction Muscle Function: Agonist: motor neurons contract; Antagonist: sensory neurons lengthen Bones attachment sites of tendons and ligaments on bone define movement direction Joint a pulley system for movement of bones using leveraged muscle positions […]

Chronic Pain and Blocked Space

Chronic pain is real. If movement helps to reduce the intensity of your chronic pain, the underlying cause might be a muscular restriction blocking space in your body. Accidents, injuries, repetitive motion, and other external forces hitting the body can push muscles into unnatural spaces in the body. That obstruction can change natural movement for […]

Scar Tissue and Cement

Client: Describe your work to me. Me: I manipulate scar tissue along the lines of misplaced muscles that cause nerve pain and loss of function. Client: But I’ve heard it’s impossible to remove scar tissue without surgery. Me: Nope. Let me explain. A close friend has a PhD in cement. He wrote a paper on […]

Writing point of view

East Meets West: Healing with Science Much of eastern medicine can be described in scientific terms – if you accept that 5000 years of empirical evidence counts for something. Eastern ideas tend to be more wholistic and individualistic vs the western medicine idea of looking for evidence under a microscope. Eastern and Western ideas are […]