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The Hyoid Bone: Mechanics of Breath, Voice, and Swallowing

A mainline IV in the carotid artery of my neck delivered antibiotics and fentanyl. The fever was so high. I offered up my soul to God, begging for a reprieve from the heat that must have been coming directly from the fires of hell. High-flow oxygen into my nostrils didn’t work. The full nose and […]

Panic Attack

Subconscious Stress and the Autonomic Nervous System He said, “Hi,” and then laughed. What did he mean by that? That wasn’t a normal laugh. He whispered something to his friend. Why can’t I hear what he’s saying? The whooshing of ocean waves breaking on the rocks clogs my ears. I squint to see who he […]

Aunt Tobi Loves You

Ann teaches students with Emotional Impairments. Many come from rough home lives. Her role is mom, aunt and hard ass, all rolled into a teacher who they know loves them for who they are. One student had recently reported her mom had relapsed with her addiction to drugs, and she lost her only aunt two […]

Pound Sand or Palpate Muscles

Imagine you are at the beach. Pound your heel into the wet sand. What happens? Nothing. The sand resists. Now, gently wiggle your heel into the sand, slowly, little by little, moving bits of sand side to side. A whole new world of life appears. The same is true in the body, Approach a muscle […]

Chronic Pain and Blocked Space

Chronic pain is real. If movement helps to reduce the intensity of your chronic pain, the underlying cause might be a muscular restriction blocking space in your body. Accidents, injuries, repetitive motion, and other external forces hitting the body can push muscles into unnatural spaces in the body. That obstruction can change natural movement for […]